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Which program is right for you?

Wether you are looking to completely overhaul your health and safety protocols or simply update particular elements, this is the perfect place to begin. 



This is a perfect starting point for smaller organisations to ensure that they meet legal requirements of health and safety legislation. This package includes a range of policies designed for your business.





This package is perfect for those businesses that work in higher risk industries, e.g. construction, and have more than 5 employees. Included is everything that is on our basic package, plus a GAP analysis, an improvement plan and H&S improvement plan. 




This package is for those businesses that want to be the 'best in class' without having the need to hire a full time health and safety manager. This package provides in everything in Better, plus an auditing and inspection programme, as well as a Chartered Occupational Safety and Health professional providing 1-2-1 support. 

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